Kabria  and Sammie

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Our Story

Her side :Growing up, I’ve always been a woman that was certain of what she wanted. The day I met my soon to be husband was no different.
I saw him in the parking lot prior to going into work , I looked at my co-worker and said “I’m going to marry him”. After talking for hours ,He bought me lunch two days in a row (As a professional student this was much appreciated)… and the rest was history.
The journey to courtship was gradual and Sammie was the ultimate gentleman. Overtime our beautiful love story began to blossom & my heart began to confirm the words I spoke on day one.

His Side: When I first saw Kabria , there was an immediate attraction. She was absolutely stunning…After working with her I thought she was too good to be true.
I wanted to date with intention and the process was gradual… but as time passed I began to see her heart and passion for others.
The way Kabria embraced everyone around her made me realize that she was the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
Over the years she has become my greatest cheerleader and one of my toughest critics.
I’m excited to continue to write our love story to the end of time.